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"We Scoop so you don't have to"

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The Scoop Service

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The Scoop on Dogs

Your doggie poops on average two to three times a day... In a week that's a ton of pet waste that needs to be disposed of. Don't fret, Scoops can take care of that for you!

The Scoop on Cats

A clean, fresh, and sanitized litter box can make any grumpy cat happy. Since we are in the business of making cats happy; guess that makes us somewhat of a super hero!

The Scoop on the Neighborhood

Scoops is here to help keep any common areas clean, sanitary, and well maintained for pets and their owners to use and love. Call us today and see how affordable we are for businesses and their common grounds.

Grand Ledge | Dewitt | Okemos | Lansing

East Lansing | Holt | Mason | Bath | Williamston

General Rates



Two Xs Week

Three Xs Week


Two Xs Month

Winter/Spring Clean-Up

or One-time Clean




Kitty Litter Service 

Kitty Litter + Dog Service

Kitty Litter Box Purchase


Monthly Service

Geese + Weekly Dog Service

Geese + Monthly Dog Service

               Q.When do I pay?
               A.Our services are billed in advance on a monthly basis

                     (for more FAQ's click here)


$15/wk + $5 each add'l dog

$25/wk + $5 each add'l dog

$35/wk + $5 each add'l dog

$40/mo + $5 each add'l dog

$50/mo + $5 each add'l dog

1 Dog   - $80

2 Dogs - $100

3 Dogs - $120

4 Dogs - $140

5 Dogs - $160 

   (Click here for pricing info)

$30/wk + $5 each add'l box

$20/wk + $5 each add'l box

$20 per box (one-time fee)




**Schedule changes will be based on severe weather conditions; no scoop charge will apply

if the scoop is not completed within the same week as scheduled. Scoops that fall on a 

holiday will be completed the day before or after. Quoted rates may be subject to change

based on yard size and the severity of pet waste.

How Much?
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For any inquiries, questions, or comments; please call: 517-575-7555 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

205 N. Bridge St.

Grand Ledge, MI 48837

Tel: 517-575-7555

Fax: 517-721-1913

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