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Brown Spots & Urine Treatment 

$5/wk add'l charge 

$30/wk + $5 each add'l box

$20/wk + $5 each add'l box

$20 per box (one-time fee)


Kitty Litter Service 

Kitty Litter + Dog Service

Kitty Litter Box Purchase

Scoop on Cats

Scoops Co. has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy that we take very seriously. If you are ever unhappy with a service, just give us a call. We will send our Scoop Tech out to review the issue with you, make notes on your account to prevent a repeat of the problem, and re-clean your box for free!

No Contracts

At Scoops Co. there are no contracts... We want you to love us, not be forced to! We charge on a monthly basis; that payment can be made by you or set to pay automatically. If you need to cancel for any reason, no problem – we will remove you from the schedule for the following month. 

*** Contracts may apply to special discounts or promotions.***

Say Good Bye To Kitty Litter!

Yup, that's right! No more kitty litter. With the Scoops Co. Kitty Litter Service, you'll never need to buy or store large, heavy bags of kitty litter again. We provide fresh, clean litter and the boxes (if you'd like), and then sanitize and replenish them on your scheduled day. With the Kitty Litter Service, Scoops Co. never reuses or recycles litter and your litter boxes never leave your premises.

So Here's How It's Done

Of course your cat will need to do his or her business on the day of your Scoop; don't worry, you'll have an extra clean box to rotate with! Just put the fresh box out for your cat and the soiled box outside for our Scoop Tech. This way your furry friend will always have access to a litter box.

  • Step 1: On scheduled service days, place used litter box(es) outside for cleaning.

  • Step 2: Place the fresh litter box(es) from last week out for your cat for the following week.

  • Step 3: Come home to a fresh and clean box(es)! Set it aside for the next service rotation.

*** Basic service includes 2 boxes; one to use while one is cleaned. Additional boxes cleaned will be charged the additional box fee ***

Call us or e-mail us today! | Tel: 517-575-7555

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*** Schedule changes will be based on severe weather conditions; no weekly charges will apply if the scoop is not completed within the same week as scheduled. Scoops that fall on a holiday will be completed the day before or after.

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