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Scoop on Dogs

Scoops Co. has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy that we take very seriously. If you are ever unhappy with a service, just give us a call. We will send our Scoop Tech out to review the issue with you, make notes on your account to prevent a repeat of the problem, and re-clean your yard for free!

Q. When do I pay?
A. Our services are billed in advance on a monthly basis. For those just starting regular scoop service, payment is due prior to the first scheduled scoop of the month (pro-rated if sign-up is not at the beginning of the month). We will then e-mail invoices towards the end of every month for payment. For a Spring clean-up or One-time clean, payment is due the day-of when the cleaning is completed. A $10.00 late fee applies to all unpaid invoices by the due date. There is returned check fee of $35.00      

      (for more FAQ's click here.)




            $15/wk + $5 each add'l dog

            ($60/mo for 4 visits = $15.00 per visit + $5 add'l dog)


      Two Xs Week

            $25/wk + $5 each add'l dog

            ($100/mo for 8 visits = $12.50 per visit + $5 add'l dog)


      Three Xs Week

            $35/wk + $5 each add'l dog

            ($140/mo for 12 visits = $11.66 per visit + $5 add'l dog) 



            $40/mo + $5 each add'l dog

            ($40/mo for 1 visit = $40.00 per visit + $5 add'l dog)


      Two Xs Monthly

            $50/mo + $5 each add'l dog

            ($50/mo for 2 visits = $25.00 per visit + $5 add'l dog)


      Spring Clean-Up/One-Time Clean Up

      (No Contract Clean UP)


            1 Dog   - $80

            2 Dogs - $100

            3 Dogs - $120

            4 Dogs - $140

            5 Dogs - $160 



            ($50/mo for 1 visit = $50.00 per visit with no dog service)


            (add $15 to your weekly dog service)


            (add $25 to your monthly dog service)

Scoops Co. can pressure wash and sanitize decks and patios that are soiled in dog urine.  (CALL TODAY FOR A QUOTE)

No Contracts

At Scoops Co. there are no contracts... We want you to love us, not be forced to! We charge on a monthly basis; that payment can be made by you or set to pay automatically. If you need to cancel for any reason, no problem – we will remove you from the schedule for the following month. 

*** Contracts may apply to special discounts or promotions.***

Scoops Co. Pet Waste Tech's Duty

A Scoops Co. Pet Waste Tech will arrive at your home on your scheduled day. They will scan your lawn in a grid-like pattern, screening every inch of your yard and scooping any pet waste they come across. Once the first pass is complete, they will re-scan the yard from a different angle in a wider grid like pattern to make sure nothing was missed. 

We scoop all pet waste into a special scooping receptacle lined with a fresh new waste bag. For our recurring customers, we'll take the waste with us to be disposed of. We will never leave pet waste in your trash cans. ***This does not apply to one time cleanings.


Next, it’s back to our truck to clean and disinfect all of our equipment and shoes; this ensures we prevent waste contamination from one client’s yard to another.


Last, we will leave a small door hanger to let you know Scoops came by and add any notes if needed.

Call us or e-mail us today! | Tel: 517-575-7555

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**Schedule changes will be based on severe weather conditions; please visit our FAQ's page for details on our cancellation policies. Scoops that fall on a holiday will be completed the day before or after. Quoted rates may be subject to change based on yard size and the severity of pet waste.

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