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Scoop on the Neighborhood

Scoops Co. specializes in maintaining pet waste stations and cleaning common areas for businesses and HOA homeowners and their communities to enjoy. 


We work with community managers and business owners to strategize and customize a pet waste management plan designed to meet any need. If you have to deal with pet waste, no worries; we've got it covered!

We Don't Stop

Pet's don't let rain or snow keep them from their business and  neither do we! Scoops Co.

manages pet waste all year around.

Call or e-mail us today to set-up a FREE quote. We will come out and create your customized pet waste management plan perfectly designed just for you. | Tel: 517-575-7555

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**Schedule changes will be based on severe weather conditions; no weekly charges will apply if the scoop is not completed within the same week as scheduled. Scoops that fall on a holiday will be completed the day before or after. Quoted rates may be subject to change based on extremely large yard size and the severity of pet waste.

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