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Dog Waste is not Dog Fertilizer

Dog Poop Pet Waste Fertilizer

The misconception is that animal waste is great fertilizer for your lawn. Well in some cases that might be true; but in this case, it's not. Dog waste is NOT fertilizer. As the population has advanced so has man's best friend. The chemicals put in people food to create a longer shelf life has not been omitted in your furry friend's food. These chemicals are harmful to your grass. Our dog's ancestors used to scavenge the lands for prey, so their digestion was as pure as a decaying carcass in the wild. Our pets however, don't live that lifestyle nor do they have the iron stomachs they once did.

We also know that dog waste can be pretty dangerous to you, your kids, and your pets. Dogs are prone to fleas or any other little critters in their play areas that can cause viruses and disease. Regardless of prevention methods, there's no 100% guarantee.

I love to spend time in my own back yard, enjoying my kids and dogs and beautiful green grass. Let Scoops help you do the same!

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