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Our Scoops Co. Story.

A Sister's Companion

My wife and I had a booth set up at a local festival to promote our business. While we were there, a young lady approached us asking about what we do. We explained our services, and she was so excited to see that a "poop scoop" company actually existed. We listened to her story about how her sister had a terminal illness and couldn't properly take care of her beloved dog. This was her therapy dog who never left her side and the thought of having to give him up was heartbreaking. Our services would provide her with the answer she needed to keep him! After hearing her story, we had a proud moment of being able to help those who aren't capable of helping themselves. At Scoops Co. we understand the love and companionship a four legged friend can give. Whether it's changing and sanitizing the kitty liter box or picking up dog waste, it's the love you have for your pets that keeps us going.

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