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Scoops Co's Story.

Reclaiming Our Back Yard!

My wife and I have two beautiful daughters and two enormous golden retrievers and we love spending time outdoors with them. There's something about having music on, the barbecue grill full of meat, and our kids laughing and running in the background that brings a family closer together. Before we could even start enjoying these precious moments outdoors with my family, I had weeks and weeks worth of dog poop I had to pick up. As you know, a dog can go two to three times a day and with the size of our two dogs, that adds up to hours of poop pick up! On a side note, poop patrol followed by a barbecue isn't the most appetizing thing to think about...but either way, it had to be done. So Scoops Co. was created based on our story. If we can help your family have seamless, spur of the moment, outdoor family fun, then we've done our job!

Call us today, and your backyard maintenance can be a breeze!

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